What if everything you knew was possible, actually is? Access Bars is the greatest phenomena on the planet right now.

In this 1 Day class, you gift and receive the bars, learn some of the tools of Access Consciousness and become Access Bars Practitioner. You will be able to run bars on your friends and family, attend local bars exchanges, and offer to your clients.

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‘’It was the first time, I actually could let go and allow my body to relax and receive an ease and peace that I had never experienced before. This 1 Day Bars Class gives you everything you need to change your life.’’ Sue Cotter


The Foundation class is a 4 Day adventure where you will be given a whole toolbox of tools that will allow you to change anything.


Anything can change. Everything is possible. The question is, are you willing to choose?

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"Amy Shine is a fabulous facilitator for The Foundations class. I have taken classes from many teachers all over the world in many different types of energy work and consciousness training. I have taken Access Foundations at least 4 times and Amy stands out as a quality teacher who knows this material inside out and backwards and she puts it into practice in her own life. I would highly recommend Amy for any Access class and I personally take every class she offers, multiple times!"--- Colleen Haney, Florida