choice Oct 07, 2017

Do you stop yourself?

Stop yourself from having all the things in life you’d like to have? Tell yourself that you can’t have it, that you aren’t ready for it, that you don’t have the time, that you don’t have the money, and on and on…

Today, I choose something that I have been stopping myself from choosing for over 10 years. Since I have been 21, I have looked at doing Yoga Teacher Training in so many different schools, and countries around the world, and every time, I STOPPED myself.

I stopped myself for so many reasons, the timing wasn’t right, i wasn’t sure about where to do it, i didn’t have the money, I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t good enough or strong enough or flexible enough or clever enough…. or really I just wasn’t ENOUGH!!!

Crazy right?!! The crap that goes on in our heads. I had put so many stop signs in the way of me creating my dreams because I had bought the lie that I was not ENOUGH! Here’s the thing, this ”i’m not enough” stuff, is just the lies of the mind, trying to limit you and keep you in the box. In the small box, the familiar box of your life. Keep you from choosing greater and more. You could spend years in therapy, processing why you feel ”not enough” and get nowhere.

You would get nowhere, because it’s a LIE, and you can’t actually change a LIE. You just got to choose beyond it. Look at the Lie, laugh at it and choose anyway.

So, today, after 10 years of stopping myself, I sat in my first class of my Yoga Teacher Training and looked at myself and could see all the ways I had stopped myself from choosing this for so many years and how now, I had finally made a choice and showed up, EVERYTHING that I had used to stop myself was just a LIE, a Limitation that isn’t real.

So, i’m showing up for this training and as I do, some more lies get squashed and get replaced with ”I can do this”, ”I am able”, ”I am strong”, ”Now is the time”.


And I have no idea where this will lead to and even if I will teach, but i do know, i’m choosing this for me and I’m not stopping myself anymore.

So, i’d like to invite you to look at, any area of your life where you are stopping yourself from choosing something you love, because the voices in your head are telling you no, you can’t, there isn’t enough time, or money, or whatever…..

What if instead of listening to your limited mind, you just made the choice to choose it?

I can promise you this, if you do really choose that thing you have always really wanted to choose, then everything in your life will shift and change.

The money will show up, your schedule will change, your work, business and relationships will transform, and most of all, you will have a new sense of YOU and the truth and brilliance of you, that you never had before!

All because you stopped STOPPING yourself!!



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