Why I thought The “How To Become Money Workbook” was stupid!

money Jun 10, 2016

I’ve been taking part in transformational classes with Access Consciousness for over 3 years now. Over these years, I have always been asking questions with a re-curring theme: What is it going to take to have more ease with money and have a totally different financial reality?

I would take The Being You class with Dr. Dain Heer (the co-founder of Access Consciousness), Level 2&3 with Gary Douglas(the founder), Right Riches For You, and basically every class available to me. Yet when I would hear them mention this How To Become Money workbook, I would throw my eyes to heaven and dismiss their suggestions.

Are you really saying that by reading this workbook 100 times, then my whole financial reality will change? This was just ridiculous. To me, this workbook seemed silly and it was only  $30. I was sure I needed some high priced advanced class with Gary and Dain and some advanced facilitation to change my money ‘issues’!

So last Summer as I watched my close friend Rachael O’ Brien delve into the How To Become Money Workbook, I made a choice to give it a go and see what happens since she was talking so highly of it!

Honestly, I thought Rachael was just babbling and there really was no way that this workbook was going to do much for my life!

So, as I sit on this plane writing this piece, on my way to Dain Heer advanced SOP class in Santa Barbara (a class I thought I would never be able to afford), I have to say, I was wrong and Rachael, Gary and Dain were right! This workbook is magic!

Last year, I committed to doing the workbook 100 times. After the 2nd time going through the workbook tele-call series with Rachael,a miracle happened. I started to have this sense of ease and knowing with money, that I could always create it. This internal reaction inside my body that was an adrenal of fear and panic just disappeared.


On my 4th tele call series, I made a choice that I was choosing SOP class in California. Along with that, I also choose a vacation with my boyfriend to Vegas and Yoga Teacher training. I made a demand that I was no longer going to function from either/or universe. I was having it all. I had no idea where I would get the money from to pay for all this. I just knew I could create it.

Rachael asked me everyday to choose it. That’s what I did. I kept choosing it.

Everything in my head was telling me that this was impossible. My monkey mind was going crazy. Where was I going to get all this money? It was too much, all these events were happening too close together, I would have to struggle now, blah blah blah…

All of this was the poverty consciousness programming that I grew up around. The being Irish and working so hard, struggling and still never having anything!

Except, without me even really knowing, the poverty consciousness was no longer running my life. Somehow, someway, during the course of this How to Become Money workbook tele-call series, all my points of views, conditioning and programming about lack, struggle, hardship, had been destroyed, deleted and changed!

I changed the story! I went from earning money through struggle and hard work to creating money with ease and fun. I went from a one choice universe to infinite choices.

I didn’t wait for the money to choose. I made the choice and then I created the money. As I sit on this plane, with my visa paid for, my flights, hotel and class in California paid for and still having my fund for Yoga training, I’m really acknowledging:

The Power of me

The Capacity I have to create


The lies of the crazy mind and how much it wants to limit me

The programming of the lack mentality of the world we grew up in and the capacity we have to change it

To finish, I’m only beginning. I’m just getting started. I’ve been through the workbook 6 times and that leaves 94 more times. I’ll keep going. I won’t stop, because there is always more. I may even go more than 100 times, who knows!

There’s a world of infinite possibilities and infinite choice. There’s abundance in this beautiful universe and I’m not stopping until I have access to all the abundance the universe has to offer me.

Is there something in your world that is nagging at you for you to do, but you won’t look at it because you have decided, it’s stupid?!!

It may help to look at it, just saying!

There seems to be something in the STUPID THING!!

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