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Transmute Grief into Joy with Embodiment Somatic Practices



Somatic Embodiment is all about getting in your body.

- There will be 50 minutes of movement followed by 30 minutes of a sound and sensory healing meditation journey where your body can start releasing any unresolved grief.

In this world, we don’t give ourselves the space or permission to grieve and so don’t get to transmute this heavy energy.

Underneath grief there is a lot of joy.

In this class, you will learn sounds & movement that release grief from the different power points on your body (your chakras)


- There are 50 minutes of movement followed by 30 minutes of a deep meditation & sound journey where you will be laying down.

~ You will be guided through an intuitive Embodied Movement Practices that moves stagnant energy.

~ Our dance is based on Somatic Embodiment practices that bring our conscious awareness from the mind down into the body.

~ We also weave in self-inquiry, breath-work, chakra healing wisdom and sound therapy.

Benefits of Somatic Practices:

- Release Trauma held in the body.
- Coming present with uncomfortable sensations.
- Moving sensations of pain and transform into pleasure.
- Heal your nervous system.
- Start to Thrive in your body and life.
- More ease, calm, peace in your body.


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Did you know Amy has a monthly movement membership ‘’The Dance to Oneness Movement Membership’’ & this class as well as other movement classes are included in the membership.

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