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Managing Your Finances - Profit as a Priority

Are you and your business just surviving? 

Is it time to make profit a priority?  

Welcome to this 3 Part Online Class into setting up your finances for success.  

Part 1: Tracking your finances

~ Do you know exactly how much money you have coming in and out every month?  If you don't know this, how can you ask for more?

 ~ If you'd like to increase your money flows, you first have to get clear on your finances. 

~ Amy will share and facilitate an easy way for you to track your money for your life and your business.  


Part 2: Creating Profit  

Revenue is vanity. Profit is sanity. Cash is king!  

Lots of businesses bring in revenue, but very few businesses are profitable. 

Profit doesn't just happen, it's a habit you create. 

~ This class will be a breakdown of setting up different accounts to, first of all, start creating Profit and also to pay your taxes, pay the expenses of your business and pay yourself and run your life.


Part 3: How you can start receiving profit in your business

~ Following up from Call 2, you will learn how to distribute your profit and how to create rainy day funds and accounts for your business for expenses in the future. 

~ This will be a key advantage to you having your back in times of crisis, of the world shutting down, of you for some unforeseen reason of not being able to work.

~ Is it time for your business and life to serve you and for you to stop being the servant?

What you receive:

- 3 x Zoom Calls

- Easy to follow Presentation with step by step guidelines. 

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