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Embodiment Series | Class Recordings

Embodiment Series

4 Calls - 4 Topics

 1. Bodies & AGING 

If aging was a choice, would you choose it?

Would you like to create a different reality with your body and aging?


2. Bodies & Birth 

What would it be like to have clarity and choice with your body and your being in the choice to give birth?

What does your body know about birth?


3. Bodies & Orgasm 

What is orgasm for your body?

What is true for your body and what is orgasmic for your body beyond the judgment of orgasm?


4. Bodies & Relationship

Who are you choosing to have relationships with?

What would it be like to have clarity on who your body would like to create with?


What do you receive?

~ MP3 & Video Replay
~ Also available in the Italian Language