$75.00 USD

7 Days of Talking to Your Spirit Animals with Amy Shine

In certain Indigenous traditions, spirit animals are a spirit that helps guide or protect you on your journey.

7 Days of Talking to your Spirit Animals will be an invitation to get to know your Spirit Animals and connect with the animal spirits that may be trying to communicate with you.

What this class includes:

🐺 7 Calls audio & video Replays of ''Talking to your Spirit Animals Meditations''.
🐱 Bonus Inner Energy Activations Sound & Sensory Journey with your Spirit Animals.

Investment: $75

Why would I want to talk to my Spirit Animals:

You can have a few Spirit Animals on your team who once you get to know what animals they are, you then can begin to receive guidance from them.

There can be things they help you heal.

They can help you become a greater power in your life.

You can receive clarity, direction, open up to receiving ideas, more creativity in your life.

With the assistance of your Spirit animals, you can start to thrive instead of being stuck in your mind, trying to do everything alone.

What if you didn’t have to journey through this world alone?

Will you allow your Spirit animals to journey with you and include them?