$90.00 USD

9 Days of S*X & Relationship Energy Pulls


What is the sex you really desire?

What is your body craving?

What intimacy and touch are you yearning?

What is truly important to you and your body?

What can you ask for that you didn’t even think you could ask for?

In this 9 days, you will be guided with questions and energy pulls to get really clear on the sex and relationship that you deeply desire and become energetically congruent with asking and receiving.

This will be 9 days of energy pulls getting clear on the sex and relationship you desire:

~ How can you use energy to attract the person you’re interested in?
~ How do you know where your partner wants to be touched?
~ How can you create s*x unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before?
~ How do you create the relationship you desire?


~ 9 Days of Energy Pulls Video & Audio
~ Clearing Loop
~ PDF of written clearings

~ Mandarin