InnerDance with Amy Shine

InnerDance is not a physical dance as such. It’s an immersive, energetic sound journey that weaves frequencies, energies, rhythms & sounds together.


It’s a Sound & Sensory Healing Journey.


What happens to you?
You are invited to lie down in ‘sivasana’, the traditional yoga posture at the end of a class and that is where the InnerDance begins. 

~You can ask for something in particular from the session or just see what comes through. A specific sound wave that weaves different frequencies and sounds is played during your session.
~The InnerDance is a wave and movement of energy that moves through your body from your root to your crown chakra and the music, sounds and frequencies start to bring your brain into different frequencies.
~Some people have an experience that is physical where their body moves during the session.
~Others see colors, visions and receive messages.
~Some people go into a deep state of relaxation.

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Benefits of InnerDance:

-Deep Relaxation
-Increased clarity, trust and deep knowing.
-Greater Healing
-Increased connection to the world, self and others.
-Deeper awareness.
-Sense of direction and purpose.
-Trauma Release
-Resolving past lifetime issues.
-Getting to the Truth of Self.


In a safe and sacred space, using music (corresponding to specific brainwaves), and other sensory experiences including intuitive touch, sound and smell, we are assisted to drop into a deep space of trust and allowing.

The Inner Dance process helps us peel away the layers of our conditioned mental limitations. It can slowly reveal our deeper core principles and our primary reason for existing on the planet. It is this remembrance that ultimately leads us to evolve and to embrace a more harmonious way of existing.


Private Sessions Online & Live
Group Sessions Online & Live


“I had the pleasure of taking part in Amy’s Inner Dance class recently in Ireland. The class was like nothing I had ever experienced before and was an amazing sensory experience. I felt very light after the class, like a weight had been lifted off. Amy is an amazing and gifted facilitator and made everyone feel so safe and welcome within the Inner Dance circle. I will be back Amy, thank you so much!”

~Lorraine S.


With the inner dance I could recognize myself and something inside me change, I stopped judging me. I was asking for it long time ago and working on it but just after the session it stops magically.



I never knew so much could happen in 1 session, I went through lifetimes of stuff. This was the most powerful energy work I've experiened yet.

~Cindy D.