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What if every wrongness was actually a strongness?

Have you spent a lot of your life judging yourself? Feeling like you don't quite fit in or belong? Feeling like you are on the wrong planet?

I'm here to tell you, that you are not alone.

Are you different? Do you desire a greater life and planet to live on?

What if that IS possible?

What if all of life could be ease, joy and glory?

What if you have a world of magic and miracles available to you?

What if it could be way easier then you ever imagined?

With tools of Access Consciousness, everything is changeable and anything possible.

Would you like to know how?

Book a session, join me in a Access or Movement class or online class and I will show you how....



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"What if you could have a joy of movement?


Amy is one of the authors to the #1 Best Selling Book ''Dancing as the Body For Consciousness''.  She teaches workshops that move you from your head into you body and allows you to access the true ecstasy within your body through conscious dance.


You can read more about dance with amy here:

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Access bars & bodywork


Access Bars and Access body work has assisted many people in creating more ease in their lives.

Book 1 hour, 90 minutes Access bars or access bodywork session.

you can book a session with Amy here:


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