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InnerDance Energy Activations Session Online

InnerDance is NOT a typical dance, all you need to do is to lay down and surrender. The 'dance' happens inside of us.

Experience a music-based self-awareness process that guides participants into expanded states of consciousness through sound, touch, inquiry and one's own willingness to trust the process where intuitive self-healing happens.

What happens to you?

- InnerDance resembles a sound meditation.

- All you have to do is lay down, close your eyes, relax, and be as present as you can, whilst you surrender to the process - without expectations.

- Music is used to support the activation of specific brainwave patterns that stimulate a waking dream-like state of lucid consciousness.

-You can ask for something in particular from the session or just see what comes through.

-A specific sound wave that weaves different frequencies and sounds is played during your session.

-The InnerDance is a wave and movement of energy that moves through your body from your root to your crown chakra and the music, sounds and frequencies start to bring your brain into different frequencies.

-Some people have an experience that is physical where their body moves during the session.

-Others see colors, visions and receive messages.

-Some people go into a deep state of relaxation.


 How it works:

~If you could have anything from this session what would you ask for?

~The soundscape for the InnerDance is played and works on you like a wave through your body and being.

~Amy will work on you energetically online and also receive any messages from the session for you to share with you at the end.

What you receive?

~90 minutes online 

~Replay of session with soundscape to listen for deeper activation and clearing.

Questions people ask?

Question: Does InnerDance Energy Activations work when done online?

Answer: YES!!

InnerDance Energy Activation sessions are just as dynamic when done online as well as in person. It can take about 3 sessions for people to drop deep into the process and surrender although some people drop very deep in the first session.

Read about benefits and more about InnerDance sessions here: www.amyshine.net/innerdance