The Fairies exist
 because the Earth exists.

They are waiting for you to acknowledge them.
 Will you say ‘’YES’’ to the Fairies.

YES- Dancing with the Fairies Book HERE

Hello Fairies,

What if moving your body with the Earth, could bring a joy of embodiment to you that not only made you feel more alive and in addition brought you into communion with the Spirits of the Earth: the Fairies?


I wrote this book to show a different way of being with your body, the Earth and the Fairies of the Earth. The Fairies are asking to be acknowledged and are waiting for us to include them, communicate with them and receive from them. 

This book will give you the ways you can work with the Fairies to create a lighter, brighter body,
earth and world.

In this book I give tools, questions and movement meditations
 to discover:

  • What is separating you from a world of magic and communion with the Fairies?
  • Tools & questions to begin talking with the Fairies.
  • Meditations with the Fairies for a deeper connection to hear what they are saying and how they are communicating with you.
  • Practices in letting go of control and dropping into your body to hear the Earth and the Fairies wisdom.
YES - Dancing with the Fairies Book HERE

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What if YOU are the key to bringing
 the Fairies back to the Earth?

The Fairies are there; you just have to start talking to them, asking them questions, engaging them and acknowledging them.

Amy would like to gift you an audio & video of a movement
 meditation with the Fairies

The more you engage with the energy of the Fairies, the more your body becomes vital, verdant
 and alive just like the Earth.

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Meet the Author

Amy Shine is an Embodied Movement Facilitator & Energy Alchemist who loves to inspire others to awaken the joy & sensualness of their bodies. Amy helps people change limited beliefs that are keeping them in survival in their minds, release trauma and pain and come back to pleasure with their bodies. When you can embody pleasure: you can receive from the Earth and all the Spirits of the Earth as well as access all the magic and divine wisdom within you. Your relationships become greater, you become more creative and your body becomes healthy, orgasmic and alive. Pleasure is your birthright. Amy is an Embodied Movement, Body & Spirit World Facilitator using Somatic Movement practices, Sound & Breathwork, Chakra Healing, Bodywork, Trauma Informed, EMDR, Access Consciousness and advanced energetics in her classes and practices. Amy’s vision is to live in a world of Oneness where body, mind, spirit and earth are all in harmony and life is a dance. She invites you to a world of magic embodied. 

What people are saying

Dancing with the Fairies is infused with meaningful guidance on how to work with Earth Magic more and more in our everyday lives.

In the past few years I have found tools in ‘spirituality’ are missing the very real and tangible world around us-nature!

Amy offers approachable and uncomplicated ways to awaken that part of ourselves.

- Leanne Green

Why I wrote this Book

I’ve always known there was a world of magic available in Nature. I spent my childhood running in forests, mountains and climbing trees, living in my own happy world. When I gave up on my world of magic and tried to understand this world and fit in, I went down a dark road in my mind and life. Dancing with the Earth brought me back to my body and allowed me to embody joy again which is where the Fairies live. It’s only when you let go of your logical mind and truly embody, can you begin to receive the Fairies.

Dancing with the Fairies...

is a movement that brings you into your Body, Mind and Spirit and back into communion with the Earth and the Fairies: where all the magic is.
Dancing with the Fairies Book Here

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