Unravel Membership with Amy Shine


Unravel everything you think you are, to find who you really are. 

Unravel your true purpose 

 This is a space to be Held 

We are being held by source 

Everything is allowed here.

This is a space for emotions in motion.


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What we will cover in this membership;

-Learn how to self regulate your nervous system & self sooth.

-Getting present with emotions and allowing them to move.

~Getting clear on your dreams: Are you trying to create someone else’s dream? 

~Unraveling your Purpose: Getting to your truth. What is your legacy? What is it that you really want? What is important to you?

~Addicted to Fixing Yourself?  Time to give up fixing and start creating?

~Remembering who you truly are: InnerDance starts showing you what is true beyond the programs & conditioning. 

~Detoxing Your Body & Life: Back to Wholeness with SELF (all of you) Physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic, educational, nutritional.

~Opening the Chanels and coming back to Source Energy.

~Getting to know your Spirit Guides: How can your spirit guides assist you? 

~Being with Nature Spirits

~Quieting the voices and listening to your voice.

Is it time to stop listening to everyone else and start listening to what’s inside of you? 

Join UNRAVEL Monthly Membership here

Unravel Includes: 

~ Monthly Zoom with Amy
(Different themes every month)  

~ InnerDance Energy Activations Session Zoom monthly for group

~ Monthly questions for inspirational journaling

~ Telegram Group to play in


Special prices for some of Amy’s other offers throughout the year

BEGINS: October

Tuesday 3rd October @10am EST.

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$ 66 a month


How does this Membership work?

~ Zoom call with monthly topic at the beginning of the month and InnerDance Energy Activations class in the middle of the month.

~ You will also be notified in the Telegram group about upcoming Zoom details.

~ Receive surprise voice notes and inspirations from Amy.

~ Join the monthly membership & you can un-subscribe at any time.

~ If you don’t have Telegram, the call details, replays and bonus gifts will also be emailed to you & added to your kajabi library.


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Monthly Membership


  • Monthly Zoom Call with Amy
    (Different themes every month).
  • InnerDance Energy Activations Session monthly for the group.
  • Monthly questions for inspirational journaling.
  • Telegram Group to play in.

UNRAVEL Monthly Membership.


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