healing loss relationships Jun 27, 2023

Mt. Shasta is a high energy vortex that is a power point on the Earth 🏔️

I arrived to Mt Shasta on Thursday.

Our airbnb was looking directly at the mountain.

I looked at her and offered myself up:

-I’m all yours Mt Shasta. I surrender.
-Work through me.
-I submit.
-Whatever I need to let go of; show me.
-Whatever I’m holding onto that no longer serves me, take it from me.

And my biggest ask: To release the loss in my world from letting go of my relationship this year 🦋

And she delivered.

The tears started on Friday and have been coming in waves since 🥹

Even more now that I’m home.

I made the commitment to myself to not run from this, to be present with everything as it comes up.

Why am I sharing this?

To normalize the healing process.
That healing comes in waves.
That sometimes you may be laughing & sometimes you may be crying & that it’s okay.
That letting go of someone you love doesn’t happen over night & is a process.
That you can’t rush Healing.

That we have had lifetimes here and we are never really just clearing what is happening us right now but also all the other lifetimes we’ve had.

That the wound is sometimes so deep & old, you might think it will swallow you up.
It won’t.

That as you become more free, you will also grieve for the ones that didn’t come with you.

That in the end, it’s your journey.

I am where I am.
I won’t stay here forever.
Nothing is wrong here.
Nothing is right here.
It just is.

Tears come and tears go.
Laughter comes and laughter goes.

Isn’t it incredible to be alive and embodied for it all?

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