addiction choice love Jun 17, 2023

Losing someone you love to addiction is such a weird process…

You want to reach out to them,
You want them know you still care,
But you can’t…

The person you loved isn’t there anymore
Buried so deep underneath….
Underneath the anger, pain, the disease..

That no matter what you say or do or even how much they may still love you,
The addiction wins because that’s what they choose…

And people make comments..
Stupid ones
With no real understanding
The courage it takes to walk away and leave someone you love destroy themselves…

To give up trying to save them.
To carry on with your life even when you know they are suffering and allow them to choose what they will choose.

I’ve read that addiction usually affects the kindest, most sensitive person in the family..

It’s a family disease really…
Yet we are so quick to judge..

Underneath the addiction, there’s a very beautiful sweet soul there…

They are not their disease.

So before you make that comment
Before you pass your judgments..

What if we all at some time or another, in this lifetime or another, had so much pain that we too medicated to cope…

If you judge them, you are really judging you.

Addiction is a disease
Not one that is so visible
A mental one…

Not everyone makes it 💔

Maybe if we had a kinder world, they would.

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