If you knew you only had ONE year to live your life…….

questions Apr 10, 2018

If someone told you today, you only have 1 year left on this planet and you will be perfectly healthy for that year, but exactly 1 year from today, you will leave here, how would you choose to spend your last year on this planet?

What would you choose? Would you continue to live your life as you are now? Or would you make changes? What would you do different?

Also, if i knew I was to leave the planet tomorrow, would I be happy with what I have created here? What would I be saying to myself?

Here are some of the things that have come up for me:

-I would have wished I had worked less, and played more. I would spend less time doing work for money and more time working for the joy of it.

(I have to acknowledge that a lot of what I create is from joy and fun and I do get paid for it also!  I’m grateful that I have chosen that in my life. However, I can see there are still some places where I work just for money and that’s what I am asking to change now!)


-I would stop making myself so busy and on the go all the time and make more time to connect with PEOPLE. I would spend less time on social media, computers, phones, and more time with people. I would smile at people more, connect more, inspire people more, ask more questions, be more curious.

-I would spend more time getting to know my parents. I would like to ask my mam and dad more questions. What it was like for them growing up, what our family history is. The different way they were brought up. What their dreams were? Did they have any?What it was like getting married so young. How they see the world now. I would get really vulnerable with them both and let them know how grateful I am for them both for what they have provided me with to live my life.

-I would spend so much more time in nature, playing, exploring, dancing. Travel more and dance everywhere I went. I would get more massages and wear clothes that my body feels great in. I would try all different types of food, have conversations with strangers, hug and kiss my loved ones more, the list goes on and on…..

So now the question is, what’s it going to take for me to start choosing all of this NOW?

Am I going to be that person at the end of my life on this planet, with regrets? With, I should have done this, but I never did? I wasted my youth…. and blah blah blah…

Or am I going to choose it all now and at the end of my days here, know that I am leaving this planet feeling like I accomplished everything I came here to be and do!!

What about you? What would you like to choose? If you knew you only had a year to live, how would you live it?

Is now the time to start living it? 



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