love Sep 11, 2023

There is not one big love for you sweet child.
You weren’t made for one love, you were made for all love.
The Earth doesn’t have one love,
The Earth loves every branch, every tree, every river, every creature.🌱

You were given him to love & him to love you to show you that love was inside you all the time.

He is not yours to hold onto,
He was never yours to own.
Now the time has come to release him back to the Earth 🌳

The love you have comes from your true nature & not something you need to cling onto.
It’s not something outside of you.
It was inside of you all along.

Now go & love yourself as big, bold & beautiful as you loved him.

Let yourself be loved by everything,
Not just one thing.
All things, all beings, all of nature 🍃

You were made for all loves,
Not just ONE ⚛️

(I was deep in Nature in Taiwan, asking for healing & the Earth in Taiwan spoke these words to me)

There is so much healing in nature, if we are willing to surrender & receive it 🏞️

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