adventure movement questions Jun 15, 2023

“You are always running from yourself.”

I’ve had that said to me a few times in my life.

Whenever someone would say this to me, I’d make myself so wrong.

I’d have all these judgments and self doubt come up;
“They are right, I’m running from myself”
“I need to slow down”
“Why can’t I just be with myself and stop running.”

The thing is:
I’m a runner. In school, I ran.
And I’m really fast. Too fast for most people.
And that translates into my life.
So people would say to me; “You should slow down.”

Here is what I’ve come to know about me;

I love being with me.
I’m so happy travelling by myself, living by myself. Being by myself.
I get so happy about the smallest things; being in my house, drinking herbal tea, going for baths, just being.

Someone who is running from themselves can’t actually be with themselves.

As much as I love being at home, I also love moving.

We weren’t made to stay in one place and to do the same thing day in and day out.

We were made to move.
Everything in the universe is always moving.

Have you ever been made wrong or made yourself wrong for wanting to move, change, and do many different things?

What if that isn’t wrong?
What if there isn’t anything you are running from?

Are you good being with you?
If not, get good with you and then know you weren’t supposed to sit still forever.
You were made to move, to change.

So run if you like running.
If you are moving too fast for the people around you, go faster.
Don’t slow yourself down.

What if you are not running from you?
What if you are running to you?

Some questions you can ask yourself:
-Am I good with being at home with myself with no distractions?
-When I choose something, am I choosing it to run away from something or because it lights me up?
-Is now the time to move and go?
-Am I slowing myself down for someone or something?
-Would an infinite being ever have too much going on?
-How fast am I? Am I going at my speed or someone else’s?
-If there was no right or wrong in what I choose, what would I choose?

There’s a time to be and there’s a time to move. What is now the time for?

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